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In response to a special call for papers from Information and Learning Sciences, a team of us rallied and wrote a review article about …

In a chapter to be included in the 2nd edition of the Handbook of Learning Analytis, Dr. Stephanie Teasley and I tried to write about …

Following advice from a fantastic leadership coach from my university, I drafted a statement of advising philosophy in the past summer …

[Disclaimer: It’s summer time, meaning time for some bold statements.] “Any educational intervention, for the obvious, …

Recent Publications

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(2020). Socio-Temporal Dynamics in Peer Interaction Events. Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Learning Analytics and Knowledge.

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(2019). Towards Value-Sensitive Learning Analytics Design. Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Learning Analytics and Knowledge.


This webinar will explore the conceptual, methodological, and practical use of networks in learning analytics by presenting examples …

Knowledge creation and innovation are becoming pervasive and essential in meeting today’s societal demands. This has led to …

Epistemic cognition is about people’s thinking about what they know and how they come to know. As a constructivist approach with …


I teach the following courses in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at UMN:

CI 8371: Applied Social Network Analysis in Education*

CI 8134-35: Foundations of Research in Curriculum and Instruction

  • A required course for all first year Ph.D. students in my department
  • Co-taught with Dr. Mark Vagle (2016-2017) and Dr. Nina Asher (2017-2018)

CI 5371: Learning Analytics: Theory and Practice*

CI 5301: Foundations of Computer Applications for Business and Education

  • This course examines the instructional uses of computers and representative business, education, and marketing applications
  • Syllabus

CI 4331W: Technology and Ethics in Society

  • A liberal education theme, writing intensive course Syllabus
  • Course website hosted on Canvas

*: New courses developed by myself.