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Following advice from a fantastic leadership coach from my university, I drafted a statement of advising philosophy in the past summer …

[Disclaimer: It’s summer time, meaning time for some bold statements.] “Any educational intervention, for the obvious, …

I have been working at a large public R1 university long enough – 4 years – to witness steady changes with technology …

Recent Publications

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Abstract Asynchronous online discussions are broadly used to support social learning. This paper reports on an undergraduate …

To support ethical considerations and system integrity in learning analytics, this paper introduces two cases of applying the Value …

Supporting collaborative discourse with discussion forums in atypical Learning Management System (LMS) remains challenging.This article …

STEM learning is an integrated approach to improving learners’ problem-solving capacity and 21st-century skills by engaging them in …

This paper reports on the initial stage of a design-based research program that aims to devise student-facing social learning analytics …


Open web annotation, as standards-compliant and interoperable technology, can enable next generation digital learning environments …


I teach the following courses in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at UMN:

CI 8371: Applied Social Network Analysis in Education*

  • An introduction to social network analysis for graduate students in education
  • Spring ‘17

CI 8134-35: Foundations of Research in Curriculum and Instruction

  • A required course for all first year Ph.D. students in my department
  • Co-taught with Dr. Mark Vagle (2016-2017) and Dr. Nina Asher (2017-2018)

CI 5371: Learning Analytics: Theory and Practice*

CI 5301: Foundations of Computer Applications for Business and Education

  • This course examines the instructional uses of computers and representative business, education, and marketing applications
  • Syllabus

CI 4331W: Technology and Ethics in Society

  • A liberal education theme, writing intensive course Syllabus
  • Course website hosted on Canvas

*: New courses developed by myself.