Analytics for knowledge creation: Towards epistemic agency anddesign-mode thinking


Innovation and knowledge creation call for high-level epistemicagency and design-mode thinking, two competencies beyond thetraditional scopes of schooling. In this paper, we discuss theneed for learning analytics to support these two competencies,and more broadly, the demand for education for innovation. Weground these arguments on a distinctive Knowledge Buildingpedagogy that treats education as a knowledge-creationenterprise. By critiquing current learning analytics for theirfocus on static-state knowledge and skills, we argue foragency-driven, choice-based analytics more attuned to higherorder competencies in innovation. We further describe ongoinglearning analytics initiatives that attend to these elements ofdesign. Prospects and challenges are discussed, as well asbroader issues regarding analytics for higher order competencies.

Journal of Learning Analytics