Designing for Networked Collaborative Discourse: An UnLMSApproach


Supporting collaborative discourse with discussion forums in atypical Learning Management System (LMS) remains challenging.This article reports on a design case of an ``unLMS’’ approach,which aimed to devise a networked learning environment not basedon an LMS for collaborative discourse in an online course. Tosupport such discourse, four design principles were proposedbased on the literature and then used to guide technological andpedagogical designs. Following the principles, a networkedlearning environment was configured by harnessing emergingtechnologies of open textbooks, web annotation, and teamcommunication. The designed environment was piloted in theonline course. A survey was distributed at the end of the courseto investigate student perceptions of the design. Studentperceptions of the environment was overall positive in terms ofusefulness and ease of use, despite several suggestedrefinements to improve the tool integration and to personalizestudent discourse experiences.