Learning analytics

A Call for Third-Order Change in Learning Analytics

[Disclaimer: It’s summer time, meaning time for some bold statements.] “Any educational intervention, for the obvious, common-sense reasons mentioned above, can do harm… ignoring side effects is one of the main reasons for the perpetual wars and pendulum swings in education.” — Yong Zhao (2018) Education often turns to other disciplines for inspirations. In medicine, precision medicine “takes into account individual variability in genes, environment, and lifestyle for each person” when treating diseases.

Towards Value-Sensitive Learning Analytics Design

To support ethical considerations and system integrity in learning analytics, this paper introduces two cases of applying the Value Sensitive Design methodology to learning analytics design. The first study applied Value Sensitive Design methods, …

Towards Value-Sensitive Learning Analytics Design

Open web annotation, as standards-compliant and interoperable technology, can enable next generation digital learning environments (NGDLEs) both as an essential component enhancing student engagement and collaboration and as an underlying …

Technology Use in K-12 Schools: Cases from North America

Guest lecture at the Mingda Institute for Leadership Training, University of Minnesota.

Fostering student engagement in online discussion through social learning analytics

This paper reports on the initial stage of a design-based research program that aims to devise student-facing social learning analytics in a postsecondary setting. In order to foster student discussion in online classes, we devised an analytics …

A biased introduction to Learning Analytics: Kicking-off #UMNLACoP

Today, we kicked off our Learning Analytics Community of Practice at UMN (#UMNLACoP)! Launching this CoP has been a joint effort among the Center for Educational Innovation, the College of Liberal Arts, the Libraries, and the College of Education and Human Development. During today’s kick-off event, I spent 15 minutes presenting a quick introduction to the field of Learning Analytics. Below is an audio recording of my presentation. The next event will be hosted on April 10, 2:30-4:00pm, in Anderson 110.

Adaptive Learning in General Chemistry

To predict outcomes and develop interventions based on student learning behaviors.

Networked Learning Environments and Analytics

To examine networked learning processes, and design networked learning environments and social learning analytics.